Sunday, 14 July

Institute of Directors-Ghana donates to Dzorwulu Special School on 25th-anniversary celebration

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Inmates of Dzorwulu Speacial School

As part of its 25th-anniversary celebrations, the Institute of Directors-Ghana (IoD-Gh) has made a generous donation of food items and toiletries to the Dzorwulu Special School in the GreaterAccra Region

The Institute established in 1999, chose to mark this significant milestone by supporting children with special needs, recognizing the high costs and challenges associated with their care.

Mr. Samuel Addo, President of IoD-Gh, emphasized the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, stating, "We couldn't celebrate our 25th anniversary without remembering these children who have special needs. 

Taking care of them is very expensive, and it is not a job that can be left to the government alone. 

As a corporate institution, we decided to donate food items and toiletries to support the government's efforts."

He called on other corporate entities, high-net-worth individuals, and business professionals to contribute to the well-being of children with special needs.

 "This is actually the fifth time that the Institute of Directors has donated to the school.

 We do it every time we have a major anniversary or celebration," Mr. Addo added.

Mrs. Mary Asare-Yeboah, Vice President of IoD-Gh, highlighted the organization's achievements in bridging corporate governance gaps across various public and private sectors. She noted that the institute has formed strategic alliances to strengthen business operations and sustainability

. In collaboration with stakeholders, IoD-Gh launched a national corporate governance code in November 2021 to harmonize sector-specific governance rules into a unified national code.

 This initiative aims to promote a culture of good governance, enhance Ghana's global investment appeal, and boost investor confidence.

"The code has served as a unified national corporate governance reference, providing clarity, inclusiveness, harmony, and synergy," Mrs. Asare-Yeboah stated. 

"It will ensure that both state-owned enterprises and small and medium-scale enterprises become competitive and viable, especially family-owned businesses."

Mr. Emmanuel Kwasi Mensah, Headmaster of Dzorwulu Special School, expressed gratitude on behalf of the school. 

"We appreciate the Institute of Directors for their continuous support. 

The efforts of our teachers and staff are tremendous, and this donation significantly aids our mission to provide quality care and education to these children."

Source: Kwadwo Alidjah