Wednesday, 29 May

Transformer overloads cause of localised light-offs – MD

General News
Samuel Mahama, MD of ECG

The Managing Director (MD) of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Mr Samuel Dubik Mahama, has said that transformer overload is the cause of many of the localised lights-offs in parts of the country.

He said this is so because the number of people per a transformer has increased beyond what is necessary over the years.

Mr Mahama assigned this reason for localised light-offs while speaking on the ECG's revenue drive on The Citizen Show hosted by Kwabena Bobie Ansah on Accra 100.5 FM on Wednesday, March 22, 2023. 

He cited an instance where a transformer can be installed in an area with an initial population of about 50 households only for over 200 households to be connected to said transformer in just a year.  

“This coupled with the change in taste of the people in terms of the number of gargets used [in] [various] home[s]” he revealed, is the problem. 

He said people now have two or more air conditioners in their houses, adding that air conditioners are now necessities because of the weather conditions.

He added the ideal situation was for customers to inform the company when they are changing or increasing the number of gadgets in their houses.

He appealed to customers to be responsible by calling the attention of the company when such situations arise.

He noted that illegal connection is also a challenge which has also contributed to the load on transformers.

He noted that per the law, ECG does not have the mandate to go behind one’s metre but can do so if it has a reasonable cause that there is power theft.

Source: Mensah