Sunday, 19 January

V/R: Failing bridge forces Sokode-Bame road closure

General News

The Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) has temporarily closed the road from Sokode to Bame in the Volta Region.

According to the GHA, the closure has become necessary due to the failing bridge across River Tsawoe between Akrofu Xeviwofe along the Sokode-Bame Road.

Motorists travelling between Sokode and Bame have been advised to use the following alternative routes:

Anyirawase – Bame Road

Ho – Klefe – Akrofu Road

The Volta Regional arm of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), in a similar statement, has also warned the public to desist from using the bridge, which, it said, is about to collapse.

The closed road serves as the fastest route to the Eastern corridor road in Kpeve. It is one of the major roads in the municipality and aids easy transportation of food into major towns.

The residents are calling on the authorities to fix the bridge as soon a possible to avert any disaster and also help make their travels easier and faster.