Friday, 19 July

C/R: COA Health Centre screens 400 residents

Health News
Dr James Kojo Prah

Over 400 residents of the Cape Coast metropolis of the Central Region received free health screenings courtesy of COA Healthcare Centre, a subsidiary of COA Research and Manufacturing Company Limited, producers of COA Mixture.

The health screenings were provided as part of the corporate social responsibility of the healthcare center to the residents of Cape Coast. 

This initiative aimed to address physical diseases and body malfunctions, ensuring the well-being of the individuals in the community.

The screenings were conducted following a fitness health walk led by Ghanaian actor, musician, and comedian Kwadwo 'Lil Win' Nkansah through the main streets of Cape Coast on Saturday.

During the screenings, residents were assessed for various medical conditions, including blood pressure, diabetes, hepatitis B and C, HIV, typhoid, and malaria, among others.

Dr James Kojo Prah, Medical Director of the University of Cape Coast Hospital and a Senior Public Health Physician Specialist, stressed the importance of regular exercise and health check-ups.

He likened the human body to a machine that requires consistent maintenance to prevent breakdowns.

 Lil Win, in his engagement with the media, highlighted the significance of prioritising healthcare for everyone, irrespective of celebrity status. 

He emphasised the importance of proper nutrition and regular health check-ups, encouraging fellow celebrities and the general public to take advantage of free health screenings like those organised by COA Healthcare Centre in Cape Coast.

Expressing their gratitude, some beneficiaries of the health screenings commended COA Healthcare Centre for prioritising the well-being of residents over financial gains, appreciating the initiative aimed at improving the community's health.

Source: Mensah