Thursday, 30 May

MoH receives first batch of donated medical supplies after a year-long port delay

Health News
The Chief Director of MoH receiving the drugs at the port

The Ministry of Health(MoH) has announced the arrival of fourteen containers of essential medical supplies donated by the Global Fund, marking the first instalment out of a total of One Hundred and Eighty-Two.

 These much-needed supplies, including Antiretroviral drugs for HIV patients, were previously held at the Tema port for nearly a year due to outstanding third-party fees.

Speaking to the media at the Tema port, Alhaji Hafiz Adam, Chief Director at the Ministry of Health, expressed gratitude for the arrival of the initial batch of medical commodities. 

He highlighted the challenges faced in clearing the shipments, noting that approximately 200 more containers are yet to be processed.

The delay in clearing the medical supplies was attributed to the government's inability to settle third-party fees, resulting in the prolonged hold-up at the port. 

However, efforts are underway to address the remaining shipments and expedite the clearance process.

I in response to queries regarding the delays, George Winful, Director in charge of policy decisions at the Ministry of Finance, acknowledged that the Ministry received information about the medical supplies belatedly. 

This, he explained, contributed to the delays in processing the shipments.

To prevent similar issues in the future, Mr Winful announced the establishment of an inter-agency committee comprising stakeholders from various sectors.

 This committee will be tasked with addressing logistical challenges and streamlining processes to ensure timely clearance of imported medical supplies and other essential commodities.

The arrival of the first batch of donated medical supplies is a significant milestone in addressing healthcare needs in Ghana.

 As efforts continue to clear the remaining containers, stakeholders are optimistic about enhancing access to crucial medical resources for the benefit of the population.

Source: Mensah