Monday, 22 July

Pregnancies after 3 childbirths increase mortality - NPC to expectant women

Health News

The National Population Council (NPC) has issued a stern warning to women who desire to have more than three children, cautioning them about potential health risks. 

The NPC observes that women who choose to have additional children after giving birth to three may face an elevated risk of mortality.

Dr Liticia Adelaid Appiah, the Executive Director of the NPC, delivered this warning during an interview on the Obra Mu Nsem show hosted by Ohenewa Kaseboahen on CTV, an Accra-based television station, on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

Dr Appiah emphasised that there are limits to childbirth and that there is a cut-off point for everything in life, the same as childbirth.

She urged women to consider their health and the timing of pregnancies carefully. 

''Ignoring this warning could lead to avoidable maternal deaths, further contributing to the country's low life expectancy," she disclosed.

Dr Appiah also discouraged pregnancies below the age of 18, highlighting the high mortality rates associated with such cases.

She underscored the importance of adhering to rules and regulations in various aspects of life, including family planning and childbirth.

Ultimately, she emphasised the importance of finding a balance between the number and quality of children when making family planning decisions.

Source: Mensah