Thursday, 17 June

SHS Flu outbreak under control – GHS

Health News

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has said it has brought under control the upsurge in flu cases in three senior high schools namely, Akuse Methodist Secondary School, Krobo Girls’ Secondary School and Legacy School (Private)) in the Lower-Manya-Krobo district, all in the Eastern Region.

The GHS said its officers and experts from the national and regional levels were dispatched to the schools to provide response action, adding that the affected students are responding to treatment.

According to the GHS, laboratory tests conducted on the affected students confirmed seasonal flu Type-A H3N2, which, it said, responds well to the current treatment regimen for flu management.

The GHS, in a statement, said the affected students were given the needed medication and told to stick to common hygienic practices such as the washing of hands with soap under running water and observing common cough etiquette such as covering the mouth with a handkerchief before a cough or sneeze to prevent further spread”.

“All the affected students have responded well to treatment and are doing very well as of today, Sunday, 3 November 2019 and normalcy has been restored to the school; students are going about their daily routines,” the statement added.

The GHS reiterated that the situation is under control and encouraged parents not to panic, but rather advise their wards to cooperate with the health and school authorities, as well as practise enhanced personal hygiene and cough etiquette as suggested by the health teams.

The GHS said it will continue to monitor the situation very closely and do its best to contain the flu and provide updates to the general public.