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Alan Kyeremanten takes market tours to Central Region on Friday

Alan Keyrematen takes his market tour to Central Region

Following the successful execution of market tours in the Greater Accra region, Mr Alan Kyerematen, founder and leader of the Movement for Change and 2024 independent presidential candidate, is set to extend his campaign for the buy-in of the Great Transformation Programme (GTP) to the Central Region.

On Friday, March 1, 2024, Mr Kyerematen and his team of campaigners will visit the Kasoa market and other vibrant markets as part of efforts to engage with sellers and buyers in various marketplaces across the country.

Mr Courage Nobbi, Deputy Director of Communications for the movement, made the announcement while speaking as a panellist on Accra-based Neat FM on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. 

He emphasised the second leg of the market engagements aims to highlight the paramount role of market women in driving the country's economy forward and the importance of programmes designed to support growth in various sectors.

According to Mr Nobbi, Mr Kyerematen emphasised the critical connection between sales and production, highlighting that sustainable production is dependent on effective sales strategies. 

He revealed that Mr Kyerematen envisions a shift in Ghana's economic landscape, with the Great Transformation Programme aiming to ensure that 40 per cent of the country's raw materials are exported and 60 per cent processed domestically. 

"This marks a departure from the current status quo where 60 per cent of materials are imported and only 40 per cent are processed locally," he said.

Mr Nobbi stressed that this strategic shift will not only create job opportunities for the youth but also help curb the significant brain drain the country is currently experiencing, as many young people leave in search of better prospects abroad.

The Movement for Change is committed to engaging with various stakeholders, including market women, as part of its mission to promote economic growth and prosperity for all citizens.

Source: Mensah