Monday, 17 June

Ambulance case: Richard Jakpa alleges AG pressured him at odd hours to incriminate Ato Forson

Godfred Dame - Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Richard Jakpa, the third accused in the ambulance purchase trial, has alleged that Attorney-General Godfred Yeboah Dame approached him to implicate Minority Leader and former Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson.

During cross-examination by the counsel for the Minority Leader, Jakpa was cautioned by Justice Afia Serwah Asare-Botwe to be direct in his responses and avoid wasting the Court’s time.

In response to the judge's caution, Attorney-General Dame accused Jakpa of defending the Minority Leader.

This accusation prompted Mr Jakpa to retort that the Attorney-General seemed aggrieved because he had previously engaged Mr Jakpa to help the state build a case against Dr. Ato Forson.

“The A-G has on several occasions engaged me at odd hours to help him make a case against A1 and I have evidence for that.. If he pushes me, I will open the Pandora’s box. I don’t understand why the A-G will accuse me of defending A1 when I’m here to defend myself,” Mr Jakpa said in court.

“If he pushes me, I’ll open the Pandora’s box. I have evidence to all this,” he added.

Minority Leader Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson's expression changed to one of shock and anger as the situation unfolded.

To calm things down, Justice Afia Serwah Asare-Botwe ordered Richard Jakpa to lower his voice and asked for water to be brought to him.

However, Mr Jakpa refused to drink the water, stating he was too upset despite accepting the bottle.

The judge then stood down the case for a while and called the Attorney-General and Dr Ato Forson's lawyers for a discussion.