Saturday, 20 April

Be champions of development: John Kumah to Assembly Members

Dr Kumah addressing the elected Assembly Members after the inauguration

In a ceremony, representing President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo at the inauguration of the Ga West Municipal Assembly and Ga North Municipal Assembly for the 2024-2027 district administration calendar year in the Greater Accra Region, Deputy Minister for Finance Dr John Kumah admonished Assembly Members to be champions of development.

During the inauguration, elected Assembly Members and Appointed Unit Committee Members received words of encouragement and a call to action from Dr Kumah.

Dr Kumah emphasised the pivotal role of these officials as champions of development in their local government areas.

“Your responsibilities include mobilizing resources, making crucial decisions, and establishing by-laws to facilitate the transformation of your respective electoral areas,” he stressed.

He charged the Assembly Members and Unit Committee Members to align with the vision of creating a Ghana that reflects the aspirations of its citizens. 

He called on them to be proactive in local governance and underscore the importance of grassroots leadership in driving positive change.

He finally congratulated and urged them to show optimism for a term marked by impactful and transformative governance.

Source: Mensah