Saturday, 20 April

I drafted 1D1F from scratch – Alan says he’ll expand the policy to every district if elected President

Alan Kyerematen

Leader and founder for Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen has boasted of drafted the 1-District-1-Factory policy from scratch when he was Minister for Trade and Industry.

“I am proud of the impact the initiative has had on Ghana's economy regardless of the challenges the policy had to go through in respect of its implementation,” he stated in a Facebook post.

He said the programme as highlighted by President Akufo-Addo in his recent address in Parliament has created 170,000 jobs showcasing its effectiveness in driving the local economies of the districts where the factories are located.

According to Mr Kyerematen, if elected to lead the country as president, he will be committed to expanding the 1D1F policy, ensuring that every district benefits from industrial growth.

He stressed that his vision for Ghana centers on inclusive prosperity, where every district thrives with industrial activity.

By directing increased resources into the 1D1F program, he emphasised that the country can ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and foster innovation.

He added that with bold leadership and strategic investment, “we can unlock Ghana's full potential for prosperity and dignity for generations to come.”

Mr Kyerematen pledged to champion this vision, guided by integrity, vision, and a steadfast commitment to the welfare of every Ghanaian.


Source: Mensah