Saturday, 20 April

Let's strengthen NPP's presence in Atiwa East – Dept Finance Minister

Abena Osei-Asare addresing the congregation

In a spirit of gratitude and unity, Abena Osei-Asare, the Deputy Finance Minister, held a thanksgiving service on Sunday at the Anyinam Victory Presby Church. 

The purpose of the service was to express heartfelt appreciation to God for the peaceful and successful party primaries, as well as to acknowledge the unwavering support received from constituents, particularly the delegates who cast their votes on that significant day.

The resounding victory attained in the Atiwa East Constituency during the primaries in the Eastern Region has further solidified Madam Abena Osei Asare's dedication to working tirelessly for the continuous development of the Constituency. 

In a statement, Osei-Asare emphasised that this triumph was not an individual accomplishment but a collective victory for the NPP party as a whole.

The newly affirmed candidate appealed to all party members and constituents to embrace a spirit of forgiveness, urging everyone to let go of any grievances that may have arisen during the primaries season.

She emphasised that now is the opportune moment for unity, where everyone should join hands to strengthen the party's presence and increase votes not only in Atiwa East but also across the entire Eastern Region.

“As we look ahead to future endeavours, the call for unity and collaboration stands as a cornerstone for achieving shared goals and aspirations for the constituents and the NPP party at large,” the MP for Atiwa East said.

Source: Mensah