Friday, 29 September

NDC encourages Ghanaian participation in Good Governance Card campaign

Ella Esinam Christian, the Head of Corporate Communications for the NDC's Good Governance Card initiative

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), the main opposition party in Ghana, is reaching out to citizens, urging them to contribute to its campaign by obtaining a Good Governance Card. 

Christine Nongo, the Head of Corporate Communications for the NDC's Good Governance Card initiative, emphasised the importance of this endeavor during an interview on the Class Morning Show on Class91.3FM on Thursday, September 14, 2023.

Christine clarified that the primary goal of this project is to revolutionise campaign financing in Ghana. It aspires to promote inclusivity and transparency in political funding by involving ordinary Ghanaians and the middle class in the political process. 

She noted, "We believe that by doing this, we seek to address the economic challenges resulting from corruption and mismanagement under the current government and involve citizens in shaping the nation's future."

The NDC intends to engage ordinary Ghanaians and the middle class by offering them a tangible means to participate in campaign funding. 

Christine acknowledged the existing challenges in political funding, including exclusivity, limited participation, and the perception that politics is a distant endeavour. 

The Good Governance Card, Christine noted, aims to overcome these hurdles by breaking down barriers and welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds into the political sphere. 

She noted that it is designed to instill a sense of ownership and belonging among citizens, encouraging them to be active participants rather than passive observers.

She stressed that the NDC was motivated to introduce the card by a desire to establish a more inclusive and accountable political system that aligns with the party's core values of promoting good governance, transparency, and accountability. The card reflects the NDC's commitment to involving all segments of society in shaping the nation's future and addressing pressing issues.

To ensure transparency, contributions are accepted electronically rather than in cash. The revenue generated from purchasing the card she added will support a range of initiatives, including funding election campaigns, training polling agents across the country, and acquiring election monitoring equipment. 

Christine highlighted, "By acquiring the card, the individual not only contributes to the NDC campaign but also becomes part of an effort for positive change in the country, playing an active role in addressing the nation's challenges and promoting good governance."

Below are the steps to follow to acquire the card:


Source: Mensah