Tuesday, 05 December

Smaller political parties voted to walk me out of IPAC; they work for NPP and NDC – Kofi Koranteng

Kofi Koranteng

Kofi Koranteng, an independent Presidential hopeful, has accused smaller political parties in Ghana of being creations of the two major parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

He claims that these smaller parties, pushed him away from an Inter-Party Advisory Committee (IPAC) meeting due to his status as an independent candidate.

During an interview on the Class Morning Show (CMS) on Class91.3FM, when discussing the possibility of forming a third political force by aligning with smaller parties, Mr Koranteng dismissed the idea, stating that consolidation does not necessarily lead to strength, but rather ideologies do.

He argued that consolidation with these smaller parties and independent candidates makes one weaker and more exposed, challenging the perception that it strengthens the political landscape.

He told show Koku Lumor that “all the independent candidates and smaller parties to tell you the truth are creation of NPP, NDC so they have false created this perception that there are so many people out there you can consolidate with that will make you stronger but it’s the exact opposite that happens because consolidating with these groups actually makes you weaker and exposes you.”

He disclosed that in 2019 he went round to speak to a lot of these political parties and independent candidates to form an alliance, some told him bluntly that he was “pouring sand in their gari” to wit, he was attempting to destroying their plans.

“so it’s more dangerous to consolidate with the wrong people than to go independent and stay single or just work with one other person or so. Consolidation doesn’t make you stronger it should be based on the platform of idealogy and how you’re going to be able to help Ghana.”

Mr Koranteng shared an incident from an IPAC meeting where he was allegedly forced to leave by smaller political parties, claiming that they considered him a threat who might leak their secrets to the public.

He expressed shock at being excluded and emphasized that he aims to normalize the political environment and work towards a better Ghana.

“I went to IPAC and can you believe the smaller political parties, they had me walked out of the IPAC meeting? they forced Bossman Asare to get me out because they claimed I come and listen to their secret and bring it to the public. I was shock because I’m a political entity who wants to normalise things in Ghana and make things better so we should work together but, no, the political parties all voted to get me out of IPAC can you believe that?” he asked in shock.

“They forced Bossman Asare to force me out. They said I wasn’t a political party so they wanted me out. I know how the political parties feel about me because they know my policies bite and my policies point to their illegitimacies because they work with the NDC and NPP,” he added.   

He believes his policies pose a challenge to the established parties' legitimacy due to their alliances with NPP and NDC.

Source: Classfmonline.com/Emmanuel Mensah