Friday, 30 July

Senior Manager's Position

  • Approachable with a strong desire to succeed.
  • Can take instant and quick decisions which has 65% success rate.
  • Goal driven and can open doors for business.
  • Ability to manage and groom talent.
  • Marketing oriented and hands on not the office type.
  • Being on top of issues and very discipline.
  • Make the focal point of success of every channel by encouraging innovation and competition
  • Very smart and can rally all the stations across the region for a common goal.
  • Very honest and don't cut corners nor building his vision outside CMG vision.
  • Ability to monitor processes and guide it till the end.
  • Loyal and committed to the organization.

On air person

  • Very smart in reading and analyzing
  • Very fluent in English,Twi and Dagbani
  • Have the capacity to analyze figures with facts on the ground.
  • Very neutral and fair analyzing political,social and religious issues.
  • Be ready to condemn things that destroy our society even if it goes against your wish.
  • Can write well to the understanding of any reader.
  • Wants to build a future into the media industry.
  • Time conscious and well organized.
  • Can do research and also write stories.
  • Loyal and committed to the organization.
  • Gives honest opinion to issues by thinking and acting outside the box.
  • Undertake all competitive strategies to outworth competition with three months.
  • Should be confident and bold.

Apply to [email protected]